Saturday, November 1, 2014

Vote: Our Future Depends on You

With the election only a few hours away, it is time for every registered voter to do one small thing for our country. VOTE. It doesn't matter what candidates or party you vote for, though we only have one choice if we believe in democracy. When we are too lazy to vote, we empower those people who wish us harm. The most powerful people in our country want us to be apathetic, so they we won't disturb their plans to control our country.

The highest voter turnout in the last half century occurred during a presidential year. Sixty three percent of Americans voted. Larger turnouts than that have occurred in countries where voting could endanger lives.

There is much about elections that we can't control, the quality of candidates, the horrid amount of money that is spent to lie to us about our choices., restrictions on our right to vote at all.

If we could vote in unexpectedly huge numbers when only our apathy is expected, pundits, candidates and political parties will have their basic political theories overturned. It would show everyone that we do care about government enough to at least vote., that we the people will be a force to worry about in the next election.

With this post, I'll sign off for this election. I'll see you in the voting lines.