Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Never Asked Question

One of the major issues of our day is whether or not our actions contribute to our changing climate. Whether or not you agree with the vast majority of the scientists doesn't change that. So our political leaders are naturally often asked about what they believe on the subject. The Radical Republicans always used to jump right in with their standard position which agrees with the hoaxers and not the scientists.

But with an election coming up soon, they have tested out a new answer to the question. "I"m not a scientist." End of subject. Well or course they aren't. But it is their job to create laws on the subject. It is their job to do some basic research on the subject, so they know at least as much as the average high school student.

Members of the press seem to bring the topic up with candidates when they get the chance. But when they get the current stupid answer, they appear totally satisfied. I keep watching and waiting for the logical follow up question about climate change. "What if you are wrong?

The stakes are very high. If the scientists are correct, there is precious little time for us to start to set our stewardship of the planet in a positive direction. If the Radical Republicans are wrong about climate change, their children and grandchildren will be saddled with huge expenses and few good options.

And so will ours.

So reporters it is past time to ask all candidates for office in this election about their ideas about climate change. Every time one of them claims that we are all causing our planet to warm, ask my follow up question. Playing dumb is not an acceptable excuse.

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